Magento EPOS Integration – Why is it Important?

Magento EPOS Integration

Magento EPOS integration is an important part of getting your online business up and running however getting the right software can be tricky. That is why it is a good idea to talk to our experts about Magento EPOS integration to ensure the right options are chosen.

What is EPOS?

EPOS systems are software that is used to handle all the calculations involved in sales on your sites; put basically they are the electronic version of tills. Obviously you want any transaction to go smoothly and this is no different when using Magento.

EPOS integration includes payment types such as credit cards or PayPal and will keep track of your stock, allowing you to check which items do well and those that do less well. The software is also consistently recording sales so that all the information is saved in one place; additionally they provide accurate pricing information to both you and your customers.

Why Magento EPOS Integration Should be Handled by an Expert

Knowing which system to go with is a very difficult matter which is why you should trust one of our experts to handle your Magento EPOS integration. The importance of EPOS cannot be overstated so it must be done right and with the right software for your particular business. When done correctly, your EPOS will;

  • Ensure accurate pricing
  • Ensure the right change is given to the customer
  • Make transactions smother and faster
  • Improve data integrity
  • Reduces human error

Advantages of Magento EPOS Integration

There are several advantages to Magento EPOS integration that all businesses should be aware of, for one thing you will not oversell your products and have to contact a customer to tell them you are out of stock. EPOS also allows you to combine your online store with your brick and mortar ones in terms of inventory and stock. Magento EPOS Integration allows you to research the data it collects, letting you understand your business better when you analyse it.