Why you Should use an Expert for Your Magento Installation

The process involved for Magento installation is relatively easy however that does not mean that anybody can do it effectively. There are countless guides on the internet that claim to show you the best way to install Magento but it should be remembered that online shops are competing in a worldwide market with millions of competitors in each sector. As a result, you have to give yourself and your business every possible advantage to get ahead of the rest and stand out from the huge crowd.

Benefits of Expert Magento Installation

Getting your Magento Installation done from one of our professional staff will ensure you have the best possible start to your ecommerce business. We will make sure your online shop is optimised to get the maximum profit for you at a price that is so low you will realise that all the hassle of trying to follow a guide, many of which are poorly written, is just not worth it.

Whether you are an individual with a new ecommerce enterprise, an established organisation, or even a website development agency who needs some support with Magento installation, get in touch because our development team can help. We can usually have you up and running in a day or two and our aftercare service will ensure that you have no difficulties down the line that cannot be fixed.

System Requirements for Magento Installation

There are minimum system requirements that you need to install Magento, they are;

  • Linux, Windows or UNIX-compatible operating system.
  • Apache Web Server (1.x or 2.x)
  • PHP 5.2.0 or more recent, with the following extensions – MySQL, MySQLi, Mcrypt, Mhash,      Simplexml and DOM
  • InnoDB Storage Engine
  • Send mail compatible Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

To avoid problems with your Magento installation, ensure your computer is set to accept cookies otherwise any problem or bugs you experience will not get an error message, making diagnostics more difficult.

Magento Installation