Why We Prefer Magento Integration

Here at Magento Central, we pride ourselves on bring you page visits and conversions through expert Magento integration. We work closely with you to get to the bottom of what your site needs to give you the edge over your competitors and get your e-commerce business running at its optimum.

Our highly skilled team of developers are Magento integration specialists who are ready to give you the type of service you would expect from a leading provider like us. We use the Magento system because in our opinion it is quite simply the best, and that is what we want for our clients. Magento has a number of advantages over other CMS (Content Management Systems), including;

Magento Integration advantages:

  • Superior search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits
  • Flexible product selection for your customers
  • A great updating system
  • Quality reporting system
  • Easy update facilities
  • Auto-report option
  • Easy integration with third parties such as PayPal and E-bay
  • Email notification when you get a sale

Why we are the Best at Magento Integration

The Magento system has numerous features that we will help you integrate and get the most out of it. From designing your pages to be eye catching, to getting your shopping cart optimized to be as efficient as possible and everything else between, we can help you get the most out of your e-commerce experience.

You may be tempted to go it alone and try to install Magento on your own, however this is not advisable. Even if you get it up and running without a problem, without the proper training that our developers have you will not get the most out of the system. What’s more, for just a small fee, we not only take care of your Magento integration to your website, but offer on-going support and keep you abreast of any updates to the system you will need to know about in the future.

Magento Integration