How we use Magento Skins to Make your Site Unique

Magento skins – One of the most important things you can do when running any business is build brand loyalty and when it comes to ecommerce, having an original, good looking website is the first steps to doing this. That’s why for us, giving you free Magento skins is all part of the service as it helps makes your site easily recognisable and sets it apart from the crowd.

What are Magento Skins?

Magento skins are used, along with templates, for the design of your website. Each skin will have a number of templates that go with it to ensure an absolutely unique look for your site. The skin controls how the page elements looks and this includes where the content part is located on the pages. In all, a Magento skin can be divided into seven parts which tell the system how to display each page on the site. They are;

  1. The Main Index – This is your home page and probably the most important part of a Magento skin
  2. The Item Pages – The full text of each item on your site and its comments
  3. The Archive List – Groups all your items, usually by months (the formatting for the archive list is controlled by the template)
  4. Details of Members – Where the details of each individual member is displayed e.g. name, email address and web address
  5. Search Box – Displays items returned from search queries on your site
  6. Error Message – Shows your error message when something goes wrong
  7. Image Popups – These Magento skins are used to control how popup windows for images look when displayed in a popup window

By utilising all these factors and combining them with a particular template, our Magento developers will make your site look like no other on the web, giving you the individuality you need to build your brand and become an easily recognisable business right across the internet.

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