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Below you will find a selection of Free Magento Themes. Click any of the images to download the theme.

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Magento Central Furniture

Free Magento Themes

Magento Central Refresh

Free Magento Themes

Magento Central Telescope

Free Magento Themes

Magento Central Pet Store

Free Magento Themes

Free Magento Themes Instructions

Included in the ZIP file are 2 folders: app and skin. Inside both of them are folders named eversonstore.

You will need to upload both theme folders to their designated folders:

* app/themename -> app/design/frontend/default
* skin/themename -> skin/frontend/default

Once you upload the files you will need to login to your Magento admin and point Magento to the theme: First turn off Cache by going to System > Cache Management and under “All Cache” click on disable and save.

* Login to Admin
* Go to System > Configuration
* Click on Design (located in the left navigation)
* Click on Themes
* Type in the theme name (lowercase) to the following fields: Templates, Skin (Images/CSS), Layout, Default.
* Save and your done!

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