Multi Store

One of Magento’s advanced features allows for management of multiple websites and stores within one installation, and we have an amazing system to support this: GWS – aka “Global, Website, Store.”

  • Global: This refers to the entire installation.
  • Website: Websites are ‘parents’ of stores. A website consists of one or more stores. Websites can be set up to share customer data, or not to share any data.
  • Store (or store view group): Stores are ‘children’ of websites. Products and Categories are managed on the store level. A root category is configured for each store view group, allowing multiple stores under the same website to have totally different catalog structures.
  • Store View: A store needs one or more store views to be browse-able in the front-end. The catalog structure per store view will always be the same, it simply allows for multiple presentations of the data in the front. 90% of implementations will likely use store views to allow customers to switch between 2 or more languages.

Without doubt, Multi Stores will become the norm in years to come for “online Stores” and as experts in this field, call us now to see how we can enhance your companies sales.